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“As jewellers, we have a responsibility to capture a stone’s raw emotion and transform it into something meaningful.”


Three generations of diamantaires, one mission – to uncover the most exquisite stones in the world and transform them into extraordinary pieces to be treasured for a lifetime and beyond. As a family-run, private jewellers Kamyen are delighted to offer their clients turned friends an entirely bespoke service, ensuring the family-led experience they know and trust is tailored, discreet and more importantly, unforgettable. 

Encompassing both a High Jewellery and Pret-a-Porter collection, in addition to an exclusive collaboration with leading Pakistani designer, Faraz Manan, elevating your wardrobe or special event with a piece of Kamyen history has never been more attainable. Thanks to the family’s knowledgeable and patient demeanour, choosing your piece of authentic, Indian craftsmanship is assured to be a seamless process that leaves long lasting impression.  


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